English Version:【Destiny】International Destiny Tournament in ASIACUP【Crucible JPN】

On 19th and 26th August(EDT), Mr.Dominickhoo(PSID:dominickhoo) organize International Destiny Tournament. The deadline of registraion is 18th August(EDT)

The International Destiny Tournament is sponsored by http://www.watchfund.com

The watch fund concept is becoming more common, as investors recognise the potential value of a pristine watch stored safely. – Financial Times

Why should you invest in The Watch Fund?
Let’s put it this way. Say you put $250,000 in your bank fixed deposit for 1 year. You get 1%, a piece of paper and a free water-bottle.
In exactly 1 year from now, you draw out $252,500 – only to find that coffee has gone up by just 10 cents and inflation has beaten you once again.

The Watch Fund – you would be expecting at typically 20-30% (that’s more than TEN TIMES more returns) and we didn’t just give you a water-bottle or a piece of paper – we gave you watches retailing at $500,000 or more.

Why should you invest The Watch Fund? Maybe the question is: Can you afford NOT to?

He suggest that we “GAME TENGOKU” organize the ASIAN tournament for the right of seed.
So, we are going to hold “INTERNATIONAL DESTINY TOURNAMENT IN ASIACUP” at 20:00 on August 12th JST.
This ASIAN tournament DOES NOT offer a prize. Again, the tournament is just for the right of seed.
Please check the information of International Destiny Tournament from the below link.

For people from different countries https://battlefy.com/pvp-legends/watchfundcom-international-destiny-tournament-qualifiers/5980c2ffb2887403387aa37c/info?infoTab=rules

THE BENEFIT of International Destiny Tournament in ASIACUP

For the top team
The team obtain the right of seed for International Destiny Tournament.
The team should be polite and they have awareness of Asian delegates.
The impolite team CAN NOT obtain the right of seed.

For standout teams
Mr. Dominickhoo will support entry fee for International Destiny Tournament.

THE INFORMATION of International Destiny Tournament in ASIACUP

AUGUST 12th, 20:00JST

Game Mode
ZC, Clash, Supremacy

All players must be in our Discord: https://discord.gg/tQuVANM
All players must send friend request to PSID:AotT-C
All players on a team must be physically in the same region. No inter-region teams are allowed.
Send DM on twitter @DestinySkmi or Send a message on PSN (PSID:AotT-C) with below registration templete.

registration templete
[Team name]
[Substitutes]PSID, PSID
[Broadcasting Link(if you need)]http~

International Destiny Tournament in ASIACUP(http://brkc.co/102757)

August 10th, 18:00JST (ASAP!!!!)
32 teams signed up MAXIMUM for tournament to proceed.

First to 2matches (First to 3matches in the final stage).

In Game Rules

Must READ and understand our Sweat Council Official Rules(https://www.pvplegends.com/destiny/ruleset)


Match Hosting
Ladder system will generate which team hosts the first match, the opposing team will host the second, continue back-and-forth until the series is finished.

Ask for “Shurangiz” in our discord channel.


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