【Titanfall2】Japan LTS CUP【PlayStation4】

※ This tournament will be held in PlayStation 4.

※海外ユーザから多数のご要望をいただきましたので、4.29LTS CUPの詳細英訳記事を制作いたしました。

For Titanfall 2 fans.
Half a year has passed since Titanfall2 was released. Finally, the tournament that decides the strongest LTS team is about to begin!

■ Tournament Information
· Opening date: April 29th 21:00(JST) START ~
· Game mode: LTS
· Tournament system (up to 8 teams in the first place)
· Winning decision method: The number of winning round. Up to 3 matches.(※ 1)
· In the final game, the team that first gets two matches wins. Up to 3 matches.
· We will stream all games on our Twitch channel(Crescent Company). In the first game, however, we will decide the group that was broadcasted by the questionnaire in advance.

Announcement date of creating the tournament
· April 26th or 27th 21: 00(JST). We will stream the lottery on our Twitch channel(Crescent Company).

■ Usage map
· Each teams choose the map alternatingly (* 2)

Forwardbase Kodai
Black Water Canal
Crash site

※ 2 | The extra inning will be held in Angel City.

■ Prohibited matter
· 2 Titans and 1 type are are permissively overlapping.
〇 Tone Tone Region Scorch Northstar
× Tone Tone Ion Ion Ronin

· Nuclear eject and stealth eject are prohibited.
· Getting off Titans are prohibited. (※ 4)
※ 4 | Pilot attack is prohibited
※ 4 | Spying as a pilot.
※ 4 | Battery usage is prohibited
※ 4 | When you getting off accidentally → Return to the Titan promptly
* 4 | When you escape from the Titan of doom state accidentally → Suicide promptly (see Official Loadout)
* 4 | We impose a penalty when the player attack intentionally by explosive damage from Titans. Because Titan’s suicide explosion is damaged.


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